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Dary Human Organization provided comprehensive health services to 141872  individuals at its Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs), Medical Mobile Clinics (MMC), and Hospitals that are run by Dary in Mosul, Anbar, Baghdad and Diwaniya governorates during October 2019. 


The number of visits to Dary’s PHCCs and clinics in Anbar, which is funded by WHO, are: 4273 people in Dary PHCC-1, 3420 people in Dary PHCC-2, 4627 people Dary PHCC-8, 2997 people Dary PHCC-4, meanwhile the MMCs which are serving four locations like Khalidya, Hit, Baghdadi, Furat, Aana, and Al-qa& 39;im provided services for 12755 people.


The number of visits to Labor Room in Bakir subdistrict, which is funded by WHO increased to 2292 people which 43 of them was normal vaginal delivery, and Emergency Room in Anna area, funded by WHO, received 1390 people, meanwhile Emergency and ambulance unit in Tel Rumana in Qa& 39;im served 4295 people with the fund from WHO. 


1F4E79" face="wf_segoe-ui_normal,Segoe UI,Segoe WP,Tahoma,Arial,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont">In the Ninewa governorate, the PHCCs and Clinics served the local people through the projects that are funded by WHO. Dary PHCC-5 received 3206  people, Dary PHCC-6 received 13565 people, Dary PHCC-9 received 3287  people, Dary Snuni PHCC received 11677  1F4E79" face="wf_segoe-ui_normal,Segoe UI,Segoe WP,Tahoma,Arial,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont">people, Dary (Sinjar) PHCC received 5211 people, and Dary’s MMCs served 39917 people, and the Emergency unit in Tel Mark in Zummar province served 2832 individuals.


Reproductive Health (RH) clinics in Dary PHCC-5 with the support from UNFPA, received 633 people. The monthly statistics for the people visiting Al-Hamam Alil field hospital – ER, with the support by WHO, reached 2147 which 180 individuals underwent major operation while 145 minor operations. While, the number of visitors to the RH department of Al- Hamam Alil field hospital, with the support from UNFPA, reached 2660 people and 282 of them underwent C-section deliveries.


In the meantime, Al-Jumhouri Emergency hospital, with the support from WHO, served 10605 people, among them 725 people underwent major operations, and 305 people underwent minor operations. While in Batool Maternity hospital 3163 people were received, among them 509 people underwent normal delivery, and 317 people underwent C-section operations.


In the Dary’s charity clinic in Baghdad, 299 people were received, and Dary’s charity clinic in Diwaniya received 1221 poor and disabled people.



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