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DARY Human Organization examined and treated ( 119128) citizens in its static and Mobile clinics and centers which is working in different areas of IRAQ during September 2020 , which varied between Primary health care servicers, Mental health and physical Rehabilitation, Reproductive Health, vaccination, Nutrition, Health awareness and Promotions.
The number of beneficiaries of DARY’s Static centers and Mobile clinics in Anbar was (  39776) citizens funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) came as the following "DARY 1" ( 2925) citizens, "DARY 8" in Heet-Albakr ( 4350), while mobile clinics operating in the regions of ANA - Al-Qaem – Al-Khalidiya- Saqlawiya – Kilo 7 / Kilo 18 – Al-Ruttba )  provided services to ( 2400) citizens.  ambulance call center provided medical services to (  13503) citizens, while the Al-Rumana Emergency unit and ambulance call Center at Al-Qaem district, served ( 4769) citizens.  The PHCC funded by IHF- UNOCHA, which served as following “DARY 2-AAF camp" ( 3099) citizens ,THC camp (2169 ),  
while the number of beneficiaries of the Reproductive Health Delivery room at Al-Baker district in Anbar Governorate, which is funded by (WHO), reached ( 2426) citizens: ( 72) of them who underwent a normal vaginal delivery (NVD).  AL-Karma Delivery room ( 890) women Funded by (UNFPA ) (26) of them who underwent a normal vaginal delivery (NVD) and  Al-Saqlawiya RH clinic (1357 ) beneficiaries also Funded by (UNFPA)
while the total number of beneficiaries from health project (RH - deliveries - awareness) Funded by (CARE International) in Anbar reached ( 2480  ) citizens.  
In Nineveh "DARY" PHC Centers and clinics total beneficiaries reached ( 76600) citizens, they distributed through its centers funded by (WHO) received the beneficiaries as the following : "DARY 5- Al-Qawsyat " ( 2317) citizens "DARY 6 Al-Jadaa" ( 13437) citizens, "DARY 7" in Sinjar Mountain (3042 ) citizens , "DARY 9 in Baaj" (4587 ), "DARY 10 Al-Sununi" ( 6603) citizens, While the Emergency and Maternity hospital in Tal Marak in Zammar district provided services to (3639 ) citizens. While mobile clinics provided services to (24705) citizens funded by (WHO ), while MMC funded by (IHF-OCHA) served (10117) citizens.
 In the side of Reproductive Health (RH), the clinic funded by (UNFPA) which is working at Ewynat- Talafar ( 807) - Wanna - Telkeif ( 1768) and Qairawan -Sinjar ( 820) : served around (  46) and Hammam alaleel Delivery Room ( 1931) beneficiaries.
On the other hand, Mental health and psycho-social support (MHPSS) which provided by DARY org. centers, IBN SENA MHPSS and physical Rehabilitation centers) in Ninewa funded by (WHO) served (  682   ) beneficiaries.   
Regarding Nutrition services which provided by DARY in Ninewa (Hammam Al-aleel - Al-Sallamiya - Al-Jadaa )  funded by (UNICEF), the total beneficiaries (2145).  
In Saladdin , two Reproductive Health clinics (RH), funded by (UNFPA) which is working at Al-Ziwiya and Al-Siyniya sub-district at Baiji district, served (  2752) and the details as the following : Al-Ziwiya clinic ( 1296) and Al-Siyniya ( 1483) beneficiaries. 

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