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DARY Humanitarian Organization implemented a community awareness campaign "Together to Avoid Flood Risks" in Nineveh and Salah Al-Din, with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) , funding from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA\USAID) in cooperation with the Ministry of Health (MoH).
"DARY" opened the campaign program on the two conference halls of the Rehabilitation Hospital in Salah Al-Din and the Ibn Sina Hospital in Nineveh in the presence of representatives from the WHO and DoH of the both governorates and other departments. while there was training for the specialized teams and community Volunteers teams also according to Integrated curriculum from WHO included ( Floods and torrents risks definition, social mobilization and its concept, public reporting in health emergencies, risk and emergency notification, response plans) with the aim of providing them with rapid response steps and skills that enable them to deliver awareness messages in a smooth and simplified manner to the community in areas and villages near rivers and exposed to floods.
The community volunteer teams were divided into two teams, the first one in Nineveh consists of (25) volunteers and (2) team-leaders, and the second one in Salah Al-Din consists of (15) volunteers and (2) team-leaders, distributed according to the targeted areas close to the rivers and the most vulnerable to floods, where each volunteer at least performs (600) sessions Raising awareness, leading to more than (24) thousand awareness sessions, each of which includes one person or group of people within 10 days, while awareness sessions are accompanied by the distribution of gifts to the beneficiaries, such as (a portable bag, car sunshade, awareness brochures, explanatory posters, wall calendar , Tabletop calendar, Diary, notebook, paper folder) .
The campaign is also accompanied by warning messages broadcast through the media about (flood risks, steps to prepare for floods, the necessity and conditions for evacuation, preparation for evacuation, the effects of floods, emergency supplies), which were broadcasted on television channels TV and radio stations.


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