Dary’s Vision


Our Vision:
• To build new hospitals and health care centers that are equipped with the best medical technologies and experienced staff.
• Cooperate with other hospitals around the world for medical therapy, as well as for transportation of critically ill patients abroad when services are not locally available.
• Build orphanages and other care centers for the elderly and those who do not have a breadwinner.
• Continue using our license from international companies for the supply of drugs and equipment at cost price.
Dary works in direct coordination with the International Health Department and the Ministry of Health. As well as other relevant government departments, universities, colleges, and trade unions to ensure the safety and professionalism of the organization’s services.

There is eligibility for everyone to join “Dary” so long as they abide by our rules of procedure, fill out the membership form, and pledge to abide by the obligations of the Organization, which will ensure them basic rights according to national laws; these rights include family members as well.

• Dary received a certificate of appreciation from the Department of organizations in the Council of Ministers, for its efforts in efficiently structuring the work of the organization in compliance with all guidelines and internal regulations.
• Four certificates of appreciation from the Ministry of Health for the role of the organization in raising awareness of epidemics and diseases, as well as transitional relief for displaced persons.
• Three certificates of appreciation from local councils in the provinces in which the Organization has provided support and medical treatment for displaced persons.
• A certificate of appreciation from the Office of the Christian Endowment on the role of the organization in providing medical aid and relief to displaced Christians.
• The “Excellence shield” and a certificate of appreciation from the German Organization for Human Rights.
• Multiple certificates of appreciation from a number of local humanitarian and human rights organizations, for the role of the organization in providing free care and treatment.