Dary’s identity

What does the word Dary mean?

Dary is a singular word derived from the term “house” or home, it is also a popular word in the Iraqi dialect that means to “Take care of one another with attention and hospitality”.

Who are we?

We are an independent Iraqi non-profit organization providing humanitarian support for needy people in Iraq. We are registered with the Department of non-governmental organizations in the Iraq-Council of Ministers Secretariat No. (1L76396), and the KRI Directorate of Non-governmental Organization (Code 3781-I). Our headquarters office is based in the capital city Baghdad, we also have a branch office in KRI (Erbil), Diwaniya, Mosul, and in the USA as well. We work under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Health, Specifically the International Department of Health, and the Office of Inspector General for the non-governmental Organizations.