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Watch all the pictures and you will know who the people of good deeds are and who is working to build Iraq without asking for anything in return.

Dary Human renewed its appreciation of the humanity showcased by some of the managers of drugs, milk and medical supplies stores and companies in Baghdad, especially in Al-Mishajar Street and Al-Sa’doon Street. Those managers have made generous donations that were used to aid thousands of refugees and poor families as well as Popular Mobilization members.

Dary Human is extremely grateful of every one who has participated in maintaining the Organizations activities, and it regrets that it is not able to publish all of the donors because of their large number and their requests to remain unknown. The Organization furthers calls on all persons endowed with the gift of altruism to follow suit and contribute to our efforts which serve thousands of patients and poor persons.

If you have the desire to contribute effort or money to any of Dary’s activities or campaigns, please contact us on

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