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Two Campaign in Mansour and third in Al-Karada.. DARY awares people against Corona in baghdad.
For the 3rd consecutive day.. DARY awares people against Corona in baghdad to prevent spread of virus in the territories.
A trained dary’s team on Friday, run campaign in Mansour district to raise awareness of the local people for scientific preventive measures against CoronaVirus, mentioning alarming features of the disease, in addition distributing 1500 pairs of gloves, 100 posters indicating symptoms and signs.
Today’s campaign which preceeded the two campaigns on wednesday in Mansour which distributed 600 masks, 1000 pairs of gloves, with 2000 posters and 1000 brochures.
Third one on thursday in Karada distributing 2000 posters and 1000 brochures.
Dary Human will run further more campaigns against coronavirus and peace home which both acting to prevent spread of the disease, educating people about scientific ways of disinfecting and sanitization. On this occasion dary extends gratitude and thanks to the team that run the campaigns, Dary Human continues to launch the fight against coronavirus in upcoming days in all the country’s cities.

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