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Dary Human Organization disinfected the informal settlements in Al-Diwaniya governorate as part of The Safe Home campaign.

Dary Human Organization had taken upon itself the responsibility to disinfect the informal settlements within Diwaniya governorate as part of the organization continuous efforts in supporting the confrontation against COVID-19 transmission. 

Dary disinfection team conducted the third campaign to disinfect the informal settlements in the north of Al-Diwaniya governorate, in addition to the distribution of personal and home sanitizer. 
The campaign included health promotion and awareness activities regarding the COVID-19 symptoms and the preventive measures that must be followed for avoiding the disease transmission including the importance of hand wash, the use of sanitizers and the commitment for movement restriction during the curfew. 

Dary Human Organization sub-office in Al-Diwaniya had conducted previously two disinfection campaigns in the informal settlements in addition to health promotion and awareness activities and is preparing to conduct further campaigns with the next days. 

It is worth to mention that Dary Human Organization launched two simultaneous campaigns (Together against COVID-19) and (The Safe Home) for health promotion and awareness activities in addition to disinfection activities since the first confirmed COVID-19 case in the country.




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