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DARY continues to confront Corona (COVID-19)  ... a major campaign in Anbar to distribute protection supplies to 5,000 citizens.

DARY Humanitarian Organization implemented a large-scale campaign to distribute supplies of prevention from COVID 19 in Al-Fallujah district in Anbar, in cooperation with the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations of Anbar Governorate in the presence of a number of media outlets, while the number of beneficiaries reached (5,000) citizens.
DARY and in continuation of its campaigns to confront and surround the pandemic organized through its team in Anbar distribution (10,000) masks and (10,000) pairs of medical gloves, as well as (8400) sterile boxes and (2000) awareness poster and identification poster for signs and symptoms of COVID infection and prevention methods for the people of the Fallujah district, where the number of beneficiaries reached (5000) citizens who were also defined by how to use the protective supplies and the health methods that must be followed involve this dangerous epidemic.
DARY Humanitarian Organization launched the campaigns (together against Corona) and (Safe House) since the first confirmed case of the emerging corona disease in Iraq, making us in the top of the list of  documented statistics on the NGO website of organizations implementing the campaigns to prevent the virus and help the infected.
Document more than (120) A campaign conducted by "DARY" in Baghdad and a number of other governorates, benefiting tens of thousands of citizens, as well as daily awareness services provided by the organization in its health centers and mobile clinics operating in the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Salah al-Din.
DARY thanks and appreciate all the shareholders and participants for the success of the campaign and top of them the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations and the Anbar Governorate council and the security agencies and the media, while our people in all the provinces of Iraq are intensifying to provide the best free health services to them, especially those facing the Corona pandemic.


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