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As part of its duty and its continuous humanitarian work, DARY organization lend a helping hand to dozens of needy and low-income families in Diwaniyah Governorate and provided them with (325) food baskets in conjunction with the advent of Ramadan.

DARY, in cooperation with the Doctors Syndicate in Diwaniyah, distributed foodstuffs that included more than ten items, including (lentils, rice, peas, noodles, pasta, tomato-paste, dates, oil, milk, meat) to needy and low-income families to relieve their burdens and help them provide Livelihood, while the number of beneficiaries from the campaign that lasted for three consecutive days reached (1600) individuals.
The organization offered its thanks and appreciation to the Doctors Syndicate in Diwaniyah and the DARY team in the governorate, members and volunteers for their efforts to make the food distribution campaign a success for our people in the province.


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