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he number of beneficiaries of the free medical services provided by DARY organization reached (94,329) citizens during August 2021, with funding and support from the donor organizations (WHO-UNFPA-CARE), which included (PHC) primary Healthcare and Reproductive health (RH), and emergency, as well as (MHPSS) Mental Health and psycho-social support, physical Rehabilitation and vaccinations for children as well covid 19.

The total beneficiaries in Nineveh and Anbar governorates from medical services funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) amounted to (66,514) beneficiaries from DARY& 39;s static and mobile clinics and its, emergency and maternity units, while the number of deliveries (NVD) reached (62) births.

The total number of beneficiaries of "DARY" services from Reproductive Health reached (16,539) in the governorates of (Anbar, Nineveh and Salah al-Din), funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), including (256) births (NVD).

While "DARY" provided its services to (11276) beneficiaries of primary health care services, Reproductive health including (53) births in Anbar within the project of (CARE International Organization in Iraq and the German government (GFFO).

DARY organization also continued its usual activities in terms of medical awareness in various fields, led by awareness of (Covid 19) and giving vaccinations in some of its centers, as the total awareness sessions reached (12,402), benefiting approximately (26,336) beneficiaries, while the DARY branch in Diwaniyah implemented a campaign Awareness raising to encourage vaccination of Corona COVID-19 vaccine, benefiting (1,000) citizens.




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  • نايا عبد الله
    نايا عبد الله
    1 Year Ago

    انا خريجه كليه طب الموصل واجيد اللغه العربيه والإنجليزية ولديا خبره في مجال تعليم وتوجيه وأود أن اكون من ضمن اعضاء المنظمه ومعجبه بما تقدمه المنظمه

  • مصطفئ
    1 Year Ago

    انام مصطفئ طالب كليه تخدير من محافظة الانبار ولديه خبره في مجال تعليم وتوجيه واو ان اكون من ضمن اعظاء الفريق

  • الياس محمود خضر
    الياس محمود خضر
    1 Year Ago

    انا الياس محمود خريج معهد تمريض من محافظة الموصل ولديه خبره في مجال تعليم وتوجيه واو ان اكون من ضمن اعظاء الفريق. و اجيد اللغة العربية و الانجليزية و الكردية

  • محمد خلف محمد
    محمد خلف محمد
    1 Year Ago

    انا خريج دبلوم تقنيات مختبريه الموصل واجيد اللغه العربيه والإنجليزيه ولدي خبره في مجال إرشاد وتعليم وتوجيه وأود أن اكون من ضمن اعضاء المنظمه ومعجب بما تقدمه المنظمه

  • Mohammed Thnoon Mohammed
    Mohammed Thnoon Mohammed
    1 Year Ago

    السلام عليكم ...اني خريج دبلوم تقني قسم الصناعات الكيمياوية ممكن الانضمام للمنظمة داري ولكم الشكر. رقم الموبايل 07722114280