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DARY organization provided a medical unit for emergency aid and treatment for visitors on the Diwaniyah road leading to Karbala, which included a medical team and another team trained on first aid to help provide a supportive health effort to the governorate’s health department and the MoH units.
Over the course of ten consecutive days, the medical unit of DARY received more than (25) thousand visitors, including hundreds of patients and exhausted cases due to the long distances that the visitors walk, where the medical team provided them with first aid, health care and treatment, and the organization’s field team contributed to provid physiotherapy for those They suffer cramps as a result of walking.
DARY team in Diwaniyah also provided health awareness for visitors to avoid infection with communicable diseases and the need to follow health measurements and rapid prevention when they have any symptoms until they reach the nearest health facility.
While DARY organization commends the great efforts of its members and volunteers in Diwaniyah and what they have done during days of giving, the organization also thanks all the agencies cooperating with it to enhance the humanitarian volunteer effort to serve the visitors.

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