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With the support of the world health organization, Dary human organization presented its medical and health services for free to (145,940) reviewers to its centers and clinic in Anbar, Mosul Baghdad and Diwania during the last month of April

In Anbar governorate the total number of reviewer to its centers and clinics was (30027), where ” Dary 1” received (10099) reviewer, while “Dary 2″ received (7233) reviewer, also” Dary 4 ” received (6756) reviewer, while the share of ”Dary 8” was (4852) . The mobile clinics that worked in Alkalidia, Heet, Al-Baghdady and Al-forat neighborhood provide it’s services for (10870) people.

In Ninawa Dary’s centers and clinics received (114085) reviewers. ‘Dary 5’ receives (27977) reviewers, Also ‘Dary 6’ treated (24490) and ‘Dary 7’ receives (9746) reviewers. While the Mobil clinics provide it’s services for (41420) reviewers. The healthy house in Tal Atba receives (3659) reviewers and the healthy house of 500 camp receives (6793) reviewers. In Baghdad Dary clinic received (1182) patient. While Dary clinic provided its services for the poor and needy people in one week total was (646) in Diwania governorate.

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