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DARY Organization is testing  and treating (150613 )citizens in June 2018

DARY received through its centers and clinics in Al-Anbar, Nineveh, Baghdad , and Al-Diwaniyah governorates (150613) a citizen during June 2018 ,and provided  them free medical and health services .

The number of visitors to Dary centers and clinics in Al-Anbar funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) as follow: "Dary1" (7344) citizens, "Dary2 "(7659) citizens ,"Dary4"(5863)citizens,"Dary8"(6434)citizens, while mobile clinics provided the service in Al- Khalidiya, Hit, Al-Baghdadi, Al-Furat and Bakr to (10233) citizens.

The number of reviews to the obstetric hall in Al-Bakr quarter in Al-Anbar funded by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reached (953), (19) of which were normal births.

In Nineveh the services which provided by Dary centers and clinics funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) as follow :"Dary5" (21022) citizens, :Dary 6" (15311) citizens, "Dary 7" (8511) citizens, "Dary 9" (2148)citizens ,"Al-Sanosi"(3676) citizens, while Beit Dary In (Tal Abta) received ( 3697)citizens, Beit Dary In camp of(500) received ( 4119)citizens , mobile clinics provided services to (40308) citizens.

The women& 39;s health clinic at the "Dary 5" center and the "Dary 7" center funded by the United Nations Population Fund (unfpa) received the first (1294) citizens, and the second (801) citizens, while 
the Hammam Al-Aleel field hospital –emergency dept. funded by the international health organization received (1494) citizens, gynecology and obstetrics funded by  United Nations Population Fund (unfpa)(2700)citizens , (341)births .

In Baghdad, Dary clinic received (861) citizens, while Dary clinic in Al-Diwaniyah provided services to the needy and the poor with a weekly (619) citizens.


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