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DARY donated another batch of wheelchairs for people with special needs in Nineveh governorate, Where the representative of the World Health Organization and the head of its mission in Iraq (Dr. Ahmed Zouitan) launched the distribution event inside the Ibn Sina Center in the city of Mosul,He valued this continuous work as a system that the WHO has been working on in cooperation with the DARY organization for years.Dr. Ahmed Zouitan also gifted wheelchairs to children and the elderly, and it included 150 needy persons.Promising to make more efforts to obtain the necessary support to provide more chairs for people with special needs in Iraq, especially since the previous stage witnessed the donation of DARY organization to about (1150) wheelchairs with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and funding from (USAID).The representative of the WHO in Iraq was also briefed on the therapeutic services of the Ibn Sina Center, which is run by DARY in cooperation with Nineveh Health Directorate, and  fund from WHO, and touring in its departments of mental health and physical rehabilitation, pointing out that WHO will spare no effort to support the disabled people and rehabilitate them throughout Iraq. Dr. Zoiten concluded his visit to the center, saying: "When we see a smile on the faces of children while they are sitting in their wheelchairs for the first time, our hearts fill with elation and happiness, and this gives us the energy and motivation to continue to support these initiatives."


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