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DARY organization continuous providing integrated Health services in its statics and mobile centers and clinics, by fund form (WHO-IHF) where received during November 2022 more than 50 thousands beneficiaries. 

Total number of beneficiaries from DARY services at (Anbar– Ninewa) around (51,847) beneficiary, which included primary health care, Reproductive and emergency, in addition to mental health, vaccinations for children and for COVID 19 as well health awareness, while number of beneficiaries from health awareness around (11,424) citizen. 

The total beneficiaries of the services provided by the centers and clinics of DARY in Ninewa about (17,795) beneficiaries, distributed as follows: DARY 7 PHCC Mount Sinjar (3,156), Talmarak hospital for emergency and maternity reached (7,4588) beneficiaries including, (66) of them normal vaginal deliveries (NVD), DARY 9 at Jada 1 camp (2,151), and DARY mobile clinics (6,490) beneficiaries. While beneficiaries from mental health at Tal marak hospital in Zummar reached (340) beneficiary from mental health and psycho-social support, 

While the total beneficiaries of services provided by DARY centers and clinics in Anbar, it reached (22,628), distributed as follows: DARY 1 PHCC – Bzeibez informal settlement (2,902) beneficiaries, DARY 2 PHCC - Amiriyat Al-Fallujah informal settlement (920) beneficiaries, DARY Al- Rafida PHCC (1,499) beneficiaries, DARY Jarjeeb PHCC (1,598) beneficiaries, the mobile health center in Kilo 18 (2,355) beneficiaries, and an emergency unit and call center Al-Rummanah (8,436) beneficiaries,, mobile clinics (4,918) beneficiaries.


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